In the movie Fight Club we see the begginings of Tyler's work to be simple acts of civil disobedience. He pees and masturbates into soups, he splices porn images into family movies, he generally just tries to shake things up and screw people over. Every person should take these simple ideal to heart and try to be a catalyst and mess with the system whenever they can.

Realistic ApproachesEdit

Obviously we can't all just be assholes walking around starting trouble for no reason everywhere, there are times to mess with the system, and times to simply toe the line. Here are some realistic ideas for applying Civil Disobedience to everyday life. Please add as many as you can think of, or ones that you do day to day:

  • Mess with asshole customers wherever you happen to work in an deserving manner
  • Ignore signs for No Smoking, Do Not Use As An Exit, Use Crosswalk, etc
  • Smoke marijuana
  • Post bulletins or signs in your Dorm/Local Places with absurd images, requests, or statements. Put new ones up every week.
  • Try to organize your friends locally to do something a little bigger ie Flash Mob, Food Fight, Protest etc
  • Don't buy things from large chain stores, try to buy locally if at all.