Operation ParasiteEdit

For too long, now, intolerant religious zealots have picketed and protested with signs saying inflammatory things such as God Hates America. It's a bit past time for this to stop.


The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), since before 1998, has picketed funerals and disaster sites with signs implying that the cause of the even being picket was tolerance of homosexuality. This is widely considered to be inflammatory and disrespectful.

This operation aims to end the malicious picketing of funerals by the WBC.


The stated goals of Operation Parasite are to demoralize the WBC protesters, to increase awareness of these malicious protests, and to help various nonprofits raise funds for causes directly opposed by the WBC.


The protest itinerary is readily available from the WBC website and updates are generally posted several weeks in advance.

Before a protest:Edit

  • Make up signs that support the causes the WBC oppose. These include:
    • Homosexuality
    • Atheism
    • Islam
    • Religious tolerance
  • Obtain a permit for a protest in the same area are the WBC. There's a good chance that they didn't or that theirs was denied.
    • Your permit should be for several hundred to several thousand people. (Even though that many would never show up.)
    • Notify the news and try to get a road block.
  • Try to get a spokesperson for a charity for a cause opposed by the WBC to thank the WBC in advance for their generous contribution.

During a protestEdit

  • Set up tables, PAs, portable canopies.
  • Solicit and accept donations for various charities which support causes directly opposed by the WBC.
  • Use the publicity generated by the WBC to help causes they oppose.
  • Thank them generously for it. Make them believe they are "helping the enemy" by being there.

After a protestEdit

  • All money donated needs to be turned over to a charitable nonprofit.
  • A small amount, though, can be used to send thank-you cards to the WBC protesters and to Fred Phelps.
  • Any successes with this should be publicized on the Talk page here, on any of the boards/irc monitored by Anonymous, on you personal blog, etc. The point is to raise awareness that the WBC protests help their enemy.


This operation is ongoing and independent of any other operations.